Screen Printing Squeegee

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Our squeegees are made with high quality polyurethane blade with variety of materials as handle. Blade is glued in for best printing and cleaning ability.

Along with wooden, Aluminum squeegees are available in your preferred colors. Normally clients ask us for squeegees with Yellow, Green and Blue blades. Hardness of squeegee as you may know is measured by the level of hardness. When you order us please let us know in durometer thickness.

Specifications of our Squeegees

1. Wood squeegees
Classic Hardwood Handle available with 60, 70, 80, or triple durometer blade.
Blade installed with adhesive.
Smooth Hardwood Finish.
Classic Profile.

2. Aluminum squeegees

Aluminum Squeegee are precision extruded, light weight and long lasting. Ridges inside the squeegee opening help grip the rubber firmly with even pressure without piercing the blade or distorting it. Squeegee is held perfectly straight and flat. Pre-drilled squeegee has already been screwed at every three inches for further strength. Replacement of blade is made easy. To replace the rubber, simply loose the screws and insert replacement rubber.

Aluminum Squeegee are available with 60, 70, 80, or triple Durometer blade. Our squeegees are available with features like less cleanup time, quick rubber replacement and precision rubber alignment for best screen printing.

3. Squeegee rack is available for
Easy organization for squeegees.
Durable Polyethylene construction.
Easy, wall-hanging system saves valuable space.
Holds up to eight squeegees in easy reach.

Contact us now for your bulk orders. We have the capacity to fulfill your orders of any quantity.