70 Durometer Squeegee

Made with 70 durometer squeegee, glued well for extra durability. All blades are made with high quality polyurethane for best results.

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Made with 70 durometer blade, it is glued well for excellent printing. All blades are made with high quality polyurethane for best results.

Further more squeegees are available in variety of colors and sizes. Major colors include Orange, Yellow, Blue and Red ranging from 70 durometer to 90 durometer. We welcome you with your custom squeegee requirements.


What durometer should you use?

Selection of right squeegee for your printing performance and efficiency very important.

If you are using thin ink or water based inks then 60 durometer squeeqee is best for you. This type of squeegee has the softest blade to leave least ink deposits.

The other most famous and widely used squeegee is 70 durometer. This type is generally used in textile or garments screen printing.

For thick ink and hard printing requirements you may use 80 durometer squeegee. This type provides a stronger force and larger deposit for thick opaque inks.
70/90/70 triple durometer squeegee gives you a soft edge with a hard center for optimal control.


Here are a few tips to save your squeegee for longer use and best printing performance.

  • Monitor production time and rotate squeegees frequently while printing. The frequency of changing sides is dependent on the ink / solvent system involved in the application. This way you will achieve a more uniform print quality and you can use squeegees for longer time.
  • After printing is done, squeegee should be cleaned properly and make sure it is dry. Store in a dry environment at room temperature is better.
  • Before re-using same squeegee, make sure no ink is stuck inside the blade. It is preferred to put it back to production after giving squeegee rest of 24 hours as per the instructions mentioned above. Resharpened if required.


Normally for polyurethane squeegees room temprature with reletively 50% humdity is good for storage. Below 60-70 F storage sometimes cause blade durometer to little increase it should not affect printing performance.

In normal conditions squeegee should not have big changes within a year. It is preferred to order and use fresh squeegee for best silk screen printing performace.

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